LOBOLA - a centuries old tradition

 You are young and aspiring and have every intention of honouring your wife to be and her family; your new family can see that already, they wouldn’t be talking to you otherwise. Here is your opportunity to show your true intentions, “Lobola” – for centuries “roora” has brought families together fostering mutual respect whilst highlighting the man’s financial capacity.

In the good old days, the traditional “rusambo” was a gift of cattle. Today that can be quite daunting for the groom to be – where, how and who does one get to find, look at, buy and transport the cattle to the bride’s family. Does the bride’s family have  the capacity to keep and look after the animals? Can you trust the person doing the buying, especially if you are living on the other side of the planet? Lots of questions – yet you feel so strongly about this tradition.

Technology has the answers – RLMS – Remote Livestock Marketing System – Zimbabwe’s award winning  online cattle sales platform prides itself in offering accurately pre-assessed livestock on its website 24/7 -365.

Simply by registering you can look at what cattle are on offer around the country, look up their particulars and start bidding, we cater to be flexible to most budgets. We work with transporters and farmers to provide helpful logistics to our clients, country wide.

If there is no space in the inlaws’ Borrowdale residence for the cattle, don’t worry. Each animal you choose and buy can be ear tagged, branded, entered into a national database, kept at one of our partner farms, looked after, monitored every month, and sold whenever you and or the nominated party instruct us to do so. All this for a reasonable monthly fee.


Go on take a look, get empowered, achieve - get your lobola solution sorted today 


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