RLMS is proud to announce the arrival of our latest market platform for slaughter pigs


Bid for yours now or for over the next 5 weeks deliveries. Service slaughter available. Nominate your preferred abattoir and collection point.


To bid, a minimum increment of 5c per Kg CDM will be added to the current price for each bid received, all bids attract a buyers commission of 6%.


The buyer is responsible for slaughter fees. The buyer is free to nominate their preferred abattoir, they must have a confirmed booking as well as but must confirm contact details and contact person at the abattoir. However buyers should be aware that their choice of abattoir may in some cases affect final price or whether their bid is accepted or not. The abattoir must be a registered abattoir.


The seller is responsible for all permits, police clearances and transport of the pigs on time to the nominated abattoir.


Once the particular lot/delivery bidding is closed, buyers payment is due immediately and pre delivery and is based on the forecasted number, weight and final bid price per kg CDM(Cold Dress Mass).


Once the actual figures are determined from the kill sheet, which will serve as the final document, final invoicing and crediting will occur. Any shortfalls or overpayments will be reconciled within 48 hours of delivery.


Bidding stops 3 days before delivery date.


You can bid for any of the next 5 weeks, you may bid on all the five weeks, or any number of the next 5 weeks.


So go on take a look at Zimbabwe’s first online pig market platform. Click here 


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