Thank you RLMS , I'm very happy with my mombes!

Patrick Chifamba - Karoi

 Thank you RLMS for extending your arm to us in diaspora with high quality value for money cattle.You have made it so easy and convenient to buy cattle on line from the comfort of one`s house. Your website is well designed with high quality videos. One is left with no doubt as to what they are buying on line. I used to travel to Zimbabwe each time i wanted to buy cattle. Thank you again for being so effective, efficient and trustworthy. There was a time i left my money in your care as i was waiting for my bid to go through and sure to your word i got my cattle as seen in the video footage. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. Well done!

 Edman Chitare - Ireland

It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your company. Thank you very much for the prices that you offered us for our cattle.

As remote farmers we are short of access to the bigger city meat prizes and as a result your company has been very helpful in coming to our remote farms to buy from us.

As remote farmers we look forward to a mechanism that would allow us to access the big city cattle prices and we look forward to you and your company to help us in this regard.

Gift Dingana - Chipinge

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